Some Videos from Lafayette

So we did a lot while we were in Lafayette, and so we thought it deserved some videos.

So attached to this post are a few videos, and they are as follows.

1. The Sonnier Corner house, Egg dyeing, and fighting.  Andre took us over to her Aunt’s house.  There we had kind of a Martha Stewart moment, where they taught us how to silk dye Easter eggs.

2. After the egg dyieing, we went over to this guy’s house who just opens it up for free pies everyday.  It was a big party with lots of people we did not know, but we talked to a lot of them.  His house had a lot of interesting art in it, as you will see in the video.

3. This is Ryan attempting to explain the difference between a bayou and a river.  I do not think he got it exactly right, but it was a good shot.

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  1. Hamilton Burleigh Says:

    The house that served the pies was probably Mr Begnaud’s house. If it is that red brick building with tall ceilings, that is Mr Begnaud’s house. It used to be a bank a long time ago. Mr Begnaud was a seamtress for the diocese somewhere up north and is a talented musician I think. I heard the story on (Lafayette’s public radio station). I have never been in the house, but see it when I go through Scott.

  2. Mom Says:

    I loved the egg dying-that was pretty cool-we will have to start the tradition

    A bayou (pronounced or ) is a small, slow-moving stream or creek, or a lake or pool (bayou lake) that lies in an abandoned channel of a stream.
    A river is a natural stream of water, usually freshwater, flowing toward the ocean, a lake, or another stream. …hopefully that will help Ryan out for his next explanation!!!

  3. Andre Arceneaux Says:

    I love the videos!! Today just wasn’t the same without you guys. I hope it doesn’t rain on you in New Orleans. Have a great time and Happy Birthday to the Pacque King!

  4. Dad Says:

    What’s with the band on your wrist? Looks like a hospital id-anything we should know about?

  5. Brenda Arceneaux Says:

    Nathanael and Ryan,
    It was a pleasure having you as guests while you were here in Lafayette, the heart of Acadiana. You are now officially honorary Cajuns!! Our home is open to you anytime and we pray that God will hold you close and keep you safe in your travels.
    Russell and Brenda

  6. Liz Hall Says:

    Hi guys,
    The Sonnier ladies told me about your site. It’s about time “The Corner” got its 15 minutes of fame! :) I met my Sonnier cousins (2nd cousins) for the first time in Feb. & it was great to see them again on video. Now I’m homesick for La.! (I live in So. Cal. now)
    Thanks for posting the video & happy trails in your travels. Hello to Andre & family — will have to get your e-mail from Annette & say hello — or you can get mine from Nathanael & Ryan.

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